Musik Monkey for iPhone

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Musik Monkey is the only application for iPhone that offers:

  • Music video playlists
  • Music video playlist recommendations
  • Music video tv
  • Compatible with iTunes
  • No subscription, one off down load fee £2.99
  • Free 'lite' version available

The best app to enjoy all the music available on YouTube on your iPhone and iPod Touch!


  • Find and organize YouTube music videos into playlists.
  • Full playlist management: add, play, edit, delete.
  • Build a playlist of YouTube music videos based on songs in a choosen album or recommendations.
  • Explore over 150,000 artist discographies.
  • Share playlists via Facebook, YouTube, Bluetooth, e-mail and codes.
  • Search and buy songs from your Playlists on iTunes.
  • Autoplay: play all videos in a playlist in sequence. (Only available in 'full' version)
  • Facebook application. Enjoy your Musik Monkey playlists on your Mac/PC with this Musik Monkey Facebook Application

New in this Version:

Enjoy your most wanted feature: YouTube downloads!
  • YouTube videos can be downloaded to your device from the Playlist and song screens.
  • New Download Manager screen where you can manage the downloads in progress, enqueued and completed.

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